Orb Technicians Broaden their Skills with Lime-Mortar Training  

At Orb Rope Access we provide our technicians with as many opportunities as possible to train in the use of different materials and processes. New skills enhance the expertise of the team and expand the scope of the services we offer. 

Recently, they attended a one day course at Eden Hot Lime Mortar in Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria. Proprietor, Tim Wells, has been making hot mixed mortars for over twenty years. He provides courses to educate builders, architects, DIY enthusiasts and construction technicians in the use and handling of lime mortars.  

Orb Rope Access heritage projects 

Orb Rope Access work on many heritage projects, providing maintenance, inspections and cleaning services that can’t be completed from the ground. Our broad experience in working on heritage buildings provides peace of mind to our clients that all work is completed sensitively and with the protection of the building our main priority. 

Many of these buildings were built with lime mortar so we approached Eden Hot Lime Mortar for training to enhance the skills of our technicians and ensure the work we do is always to an exceptional standard. As members of the Heritage Trust Network Talent Bank, we are committed to the highest quality of restoration and maintenance of heritage sites across the UK. 

How the lime mortar training helped Orb Rope Access technicians 

The team learned that the most effective way to resolve the issue of damp in heritage buildings was through the use of hot lime mortar.  

Lime mortar allows buildings to breathe and dry out, being highly efficient at absorbing moisture and removing it. Hot lime mortar techniques make the lime extremely hot with a high volume of vapour. The lime returns to its original form just a few minutes after the hot lime techniques are applied. 

During the course, the team were taught about the types of lime and its application on heritage buildings in places such as gable ends and chimneys. They also learned about cement, protection, mortar mixing, paints and limewash. 

In the practical session, the Orb team applied lime mortar to traditional brick walls to use it for render and pointing, and learned how it is used for roof parging and lime insulation. They mixed hot mortars and hot limewashes, and practised lime skim work and timber lath work. 

Our technician Tom, who attended the course, said: “It was like a jump back into history. Tim has made leaps and bounds over recent years in rebuilding our lost knowledge in this unique method of construction. The highlight for us was learning how we can improve the way we’ve been doing this work. This practice and skill will now be put to good use on the many heritage projects that the team are involved with.” 

Orb Rope Access Director, Julie Lavery, said: “We’re delighted the team learned so much from the lime mortar training. While we may not need this specialist skill every day, it does mean we can offer a unique trade to clients who need it. Ongoing training is an important element of our operation and any expansion to our services is beneficial for our clients.”  

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