Orb Rope Access and Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service exchange rope access skills

Orb Rope Access and firefighters from the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team of the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, recently collaborated on a third cross-training and skills exchange programme. 

Director of Orb Rope Access, Matt Lavery, spent ten years in the Royal Marines. He was given the contact details of a USAR Team Leader by a former Royal Marine colleague, who works for the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service. The USAR Team Leader was interested in cross-training with the Orb team to exchange skills and experiences that would enhance the performance of both teams. 

Always keen to develop our training and team experience, this was a great opportunity for us that we weren’t going to turn down! The dedication to values of excellence and integrity that are instilled in our team stems from Matt’s Royal Marine training, and we knew that the USAR Team Leader would hold the same values. It would be a valuable experience for both teams. 

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Sharing skills and experience 

Orb Rope Access is a full IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) member, so our rope technicians are trained to the highest industry standards. This is a huge benefit to the USAR team when learning about our rope access techniques and safety training. 

USAR fire service teams provide a range of rescue services including water rescues, managing flooding incidents and animal rescues. Their rope technicians and USAR teams share their unique training and expertise used in rescue situations to enhance the Orb rope team’s skillset.  

The cross-training event includes rope rescues and confined space rescues. Rope access and working in confined spaces are part of Orb Rope Access’s standard services so working with the USAR teams is a great opportunity for us to extend our knowledge and learn different approaches. 

Why we work with USAR to share skills and experiences 

At Orb Rope Access we always want to expand our knowledge, skills and experience. Working with USAR provides our rope technicians with additional approaches and techniques. By working with other professionals from a different sector our rope technicians receive insight into aspects of rope access that they wouldn’t normally see during a working day. It gives them another perspective on how their expertise is valuable and enhances their personal development. 

It is important that we continue to learn from other rope specialists so that we don’t rest on our laurels or become complacent about our services. As a company, Orb Rope Access is continually developing and keen to be at the forefront of progress in our trade. Our collaboration with USAR is extremely valuable in achieving this. 

To date Orb Rope Access and Urban Fire and Rescue have exchanged rope access skills on three occasions. Both teams find the experience extremely valuable and enjoyable, and we look forward to more events in the future. 

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