Confined Space Rescue Cover, Fiddlers Ferry Power Station, Warrington


National Grid


2 weeks


Fiddlers Ferry



Fiddlers Ferry Power Station is undergoing a major redevelopment programme. Stretching from 2022 to 2040, the phased redevelopment of the National Grid site will include demolition, infrastructure and enabling works, and remediation.

The brief

Orb Rope Access was asked to provide a confined space rescue team during the infrastructure and enabling works phase of the project. We were contracted to support the National Grid team by being on standby at the site in case a confined space rescue was necessary.

While the National Grid team does include qualified confined space technicians, they are not rescue qualified so it was essential that our team of three fully trained and qualified confined space rescue technicians were on site.

The building

The decommissioned coal fired power station opened in 1971. It comprises of eight 114m high cooling towers and a 200m high chimney.

The demolition of the site includes the cooling towers, the chimney and the former coal stockyard and machinery.

The work

Working in confined spaces requires a robust and comprehensive plan, the appropriate kit and expertise in executing the project efficiently and safely.

The National Grid team was tasked with pulling 110m (x 70) of cable through an underground tunnel. As they began, they found that the challenge required a rethink and additional kit. Their original plan wasn’t going to work. They asked for advice and assistance from the Orb Rope Access confined space and rescue team.

We provided additional confined space equipment that was essential for completing the task successfully. Using our skills and confined space qualifications we were also able to advise on a more efficient way to execute the task, coming up with a new plan that enabled them to complete the work.

Benefits to the client

Without the expertise and assistance of the Orb Rope Access confined space and rescue technicians the National Grid team would not have been able to complete the project by the prescribed deadline.

By working collaboratively with the National Grid team we were able to enhance their original plan and ensure the safety of all team members.

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