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About Matt Lavery

Always having a love for the outdoors and being active I didn’t really excel at school and looked forward to spending my free time with my local Scout group, camping and generally getting into mischief.

As soon as possible I persuaded my parents to let me have a go at joining The Royal Marines. Being only 16 years old at the time they signed me up thinking I’d fail, with that out of my system I would come home with my tail between my legs and go to College….. However, I passed!

I spent the next 10 years bouncing all over the worlds hot spots as part of one of the most elite forces in the world. I trained in a huge range of skills from mechanics, parachuting and intensive medical training to demolitions, communications, and counter-terrorism operations. I had to learn new skills fast and adapt to any situation, knowing that the people around me were relying on me, just as much as I was on them to stay alive.

After my time in The Royal Marines, I moved on to Rope Access and have since worked all over the world on various projects involving a wide range of tasks from Bat surveys to unblocking Nuclear power station seawater inlet pipes!

Keen on working/playing outdoors I regularly take part in Running, Diving, Climbing, Cycling, Camping, and pretty much anything that is active, while dragging the family along, rain or shine (the kids will appreciate it when they’re older!?).
As well as industrial rope access, I am very keen to promote Charity abseil events for various charities at home and abroad

I apply all the same values and attitude from The Royal Marines to Orb Rope Access, Honesty and Integrity are key to building a trustworthy and friendly relationship between clients.

– Matthew Lavery, Director Orb Rope Access



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Case Study: Sizergh Castle, Cumbria

Orb Rope Access were asked to carry out repairs, cleaning and down pipe inspection at Sizergh Castle, Cumbria The brief In November 2020, Orb Rope Access were appointed by an architect local to Cumbria to complete slate repairs, clean gutters and carry out a downpipe...

Case Study: Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

Orb Rope Access were asked to carry out a physical inspection of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral's Tower and Statues The brief In August 2020, following a drone photogrammetry inspection of Liverpool Cathedral’s tower, external structures and statues, Orb Rope Access...

Working at height at home during lockdown!

While we’re at home during this strange period of time, many of us are getting around to those jobs that we have never had time to do; tidy the loft, mow the lawn, decorate the spare room etc.  At some point you may think “I know, I’ll try and clean the gutter, clean...

The Benefits of Rope Access for Working at Height

Rope access is considered by many to be the most efficient means of working at height, but we at Orb Rope Access still come across doubters who revert to more traditional methods such as scaffolding.  To highlight the effectiveness of rope access techniques, we’ve put...

The route to Rope Access

Working at height is not something new. From hunting woolly mammoths to installing mobile phone antennas it’s been in everyday life for centuries, yet it still has a poor reputation for accidents in the workplace with statistics to back it up.  The practice of working...